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LOMES Academics


ELA & Social Studies

Students receive whole and small group instruction in ELA.  Small group instruction is individualized to support each student's learning needs.  Social Studies is integrated throughout the ELA curriculum.


Students participate in hands-on learning by utilizing math manipulatives to solve real-world problems.  Our school is 1:1 with technology, and K-5 students have access to online math programs to build foundational skills.


Students engage in science experiments focused on force and motion, properties of matter, ecosystems, natural resources, the solar system and other scientific concepts.


Students identified as Academically or Intellectually Gifted participate in AIG classes with other identical peers.


Students that participate in EC or ESL classes receive additional support to help meet grade-level standards and the IEP or LEP goals.


Students learn foundational skills in reading and math in preparation for kindergarten.